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the ultimate college guidebook for parents

In addition to advice on making the most of the high school years while also preparing for and selecting a college that is an ideal fit, this book offers tips about what you can do at home to encourage learning and build a strong foundation for your child.

What To Know Before They Go is an effective tool to help parents guide their teens toward preparing for college before high school even starts.

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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." - Alexander Graham Bell


know what to do and when to do it

What To Know Before They Go gives you tips and advice for:

strengthening academic skills

building an activities resume

choosing and applying to colleges

seeking financial aid

thriving in the first year of college...and much more!

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What parents are saying

A Roadmap to Success

"Dr. Ellis has a twenty-year track record of success in the high school, summer program, and college placement arenas, and has put that expertise into this book. This book is written in a straightforward manner and is extremely informative. As the father of three high school students, I started the high school and college planning process before reading this book. By giving detailed monthly plans for each year of high school, this book provides an organized roadmap and specific steps that will save me time and money moving forward. Dr. Ellis identifies potential pitfalls, including the “Sophomore Slump” and plans to avoid overcome setbacks. I am grateful that she has shared her skills and talents with my family through this book and believe that her wisdom will help your family as well."


If You Want To Help You Child Prepare College, You Need This Book!

"Dr. Ellis does a wonderful job providing an easy-to-follow guide for the college preparation and application process. I love that she starts BEFORE high school to help parents think about what they need to do to look at the entire high school journey and not just junior and senior year. She is thorough, but in a way that doesn't overwhelm you. You know that she's going to cover all the important topics so you can just focus on each chapter as she presents it, without getting anxious about what's next. It feels like she is right there consulting with you. The checklists in the book are great. Finally, instead of just creating a dry, step-by-step guide, Dr. Ellis shares her own story as a mom of 3 who has already gone through this process multiple times. That was really reassuring. I highly recommend this book to middle and high school parents who want to plan for college, not stress themselves or their student out, and know they need an expert to help them. This is the book for you!"

- Donielle Buie

Dr. Pamela Helps You Breathe Through the College Preparation Process

"The stress of muddling through what to do and how to do it in terms of helping your teen through college can be overwhelming and discouraging for parents. She offers helpful insight with real life examples relating to her own children and other students she advises. There are so many people giving you and your teen advice, from teachers to academic counselors to peers, that it's hard to decide which way to go. Dr. Pamela eases some of that tension. Even though she offers helpful tips starting from middle school, we didn't start learning from her until our teens were in their sophomore year in high school. It made applying for, choosing a college and understanding the financial aid process much easier. I recommend this book to any parent, grandparent or guardian that wants some help getting their teen into college and understanding the process."

- Happy parent

A Book Well Worth the Purchase

"It would have made a world of difference in my collegiate choices, and my career, had there been a book or solid guidance like this available when I was middle and high school. The insight is far more than any of my high school counselors provided. There is no way you can read and employ the strategies in this book and your teen not go to college! Dr. Ellis is proof of her own advice.

The 'best kept secrets' and invaluable content offered by Dr. Ellis is well worth the book purchase."

- K.O. Lofton

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In her more than 20 years working in education research and as a financial executive in the private sector, Pamela Ellis—The Education Doctor® has emerged as a leading authority on what it takes for students to thrive in education and, thereby, in life.

Dr. Pamela’s experience in education includes advising K-12 school districts, colleges/universities, and community-based organizations, which have helped numerous students transition successfully through the stages of high school into college.

Dr. Pamela is a graduate of Stanford University and The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Her doctorate was granted from the Stanford University School of Education.



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